The US claimed the Saudis were lying through their teeth about Iraq…

The extent to which US and Saudi relations had deteriorated to was exposed for the first time recently when Washington accused Riyadh of working to undermine the Iraqi government.

The Bush administration warned the Saudis, until recently one of its closest allies, to stop undermining the Iraq prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki.

The US made public claims that the Saudis had been distributing fake documents lying about Maliki.

The US and British Governments have told the Saudis that the establishment of a stable government was in their best interests and that they stand to suffer if it collapses.

Apparently relations have been strained since King Abdullah unexpectedly criticised the US , describing the US invasion as an illegal foreign invasion.

It was even suggested the underlying factor may be that the US is now less dependant on Saudi oil - it has Iraqi supplies to rely on. Who know’s the real facts here. “The Writers Lounge”