Shanghai - to be a one dog town now...

After getting used to the one child policy during the last thirty years, Shanghai's city authorities have proposed a one-dog rule in this city of 20 million people.

It is estimated that 800,000 dogs live in Shanghai, where pets are not just companions, but a sign of wealth among the new rich residents of this Chinese city.

The rule was needed, it has been claimed, to combat barking, unscooped dog waste, and the constant risk of dog attacks. In return the city will reduce the costs of owning a dog there, vaccinations and identification chips - from 2000 yuan (NZ$390) down to 300 yuan.

Dog owners in Shanghai will also be responsible for any puppies that are born - they must adopt them out within three months, send them to approved re-homing agencies or have the dogs neutered.

The reduction of licence fees, a contentious issue in Chinese cities anyway where many dogs go unregistered because of cost, will prove to be a popular move.

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